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Cybercrime in Australia boosted by 13% in the last year

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  • Oct 01,2023
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Cybercrime in Australia has increased by approximately 13% in the past year. The reason behind this can be as maximum Australians enhanced their dependency on the internet to work remotely and to get any kind of service, information, and to communicate. 

While, the 2020-21 financial year, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)

Australia has received around 67,500 cybercrime cases. And, as per the survey, every eight minutes there is one cybercrime report filed. 

The ACSC considered a higher number of cyber security incidents as extensive in impact, due to a huge number of reporting of attacks on larger organizations and observed consequences of the attacks on the victims. The organization or firm claimed that this was fused by the enhanced complexity of the attacker's operations and its sophistication. 

This also revealed that the attacker has exploited the global pandemic through spear-phishing emails corresponding to COVID-associated topics or matters. This encourages the victim to enter personal information to get access to that COVID-related data or services. 

According to ACSC, health care centers were the main target of ransomware attacks, along with criminals hoping to influence critical services to enhance the courage of victims to provide ransoms.

To conclude, we all know that the Internet and smartphones are our basic needs nowadays, but simultaneously these things can destroy us too. Hence, it's important to know all the information regarding basic cyber security. So that you don't get influenced by such malicious actors. 




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