What Is 6G? How Fast Is It Going To Be?

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  • Sep 01,2023
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In the world of technology, 5G is already on the market. You can have a 5G smartphone and enjoy all the advantages of it, but the question is here what is 6G and when will you be getting access to it? 

However, we know technology is a never-ending game and there is already another wonder coming to the world of mobile connectivity. 

Already there is a lot of information about the 6G network out there, the following content is going to cover some important points about the 6G network.

Let's start!

6G- Is it Real or Fake?

Well, yes 6G is real but it is still in the research stage. Many mobile telecom companies are quite much focused on 5G to deal with 6G in any possible way. 

When 6G is arriving?

This is quite early to talk about its arrival in the market of the technology world. It is still in a research state hence, can't say anything certain about the 6G network's arrival. 

How Fast 6 is the G network going to be?

As mentioned above, the 6G network is still under a research stage so any information regarding its speed is not certain. But as per the estimation, it might be going to be 100 times faster than 5G. 

The ultimate standards that will specify what a 6G connection will possibly go down to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Recently, the ITU has cleared all the standards for 5G ( referred to as IMT-2020) after more than eight years of research and development and for 6G the same process is expected to start soon. 

This is all about the 6G which is going to be a big turnover in the market of technology and will eventually replace it once its research and development get completed. 




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