Best Minecraft Seed for Better Loot

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  • Sep 27,2024
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Minecraft is a block-based game developed by Mojang (Minecraft Java Edition), and Microsoft (Minecraft Bedrock Edition). It's been almost over 10 years since the release of Minecraft but still, many gamers love to play and craft things. Minecraft has a player base of over 140M, so you can clearly make out the popularity of this game. Minecraft creates the world for every player with various loots and building and spawn points of the player, these details are then converted to a numeric value which is called Minecraft Seed. If you have Minecraft Seed of a particular world, then all the details will be the same as created by the game earlier. If you have the best Minecraft seed then, you will get an initial boost for your survival with a lot of important and rare items such as Diamonds.

So, let's check out the best Minecraft seeds, that you can try and have fun with, these seeds will provide you best loot from villagers chests and a good neither as well.

To get started, you need to grab a seed value from below. Now, open your Minecraft, when creating a New World, go to More Option and put in the seed.

Note: We will cover Minecraft seed for Java Edition in this particular article, for the Bedrock edition you can check out other articles.

Best Minecraft Seed for Best Loot

1. Blacksmith Village Minecraft Seed

This Minecraft seed will spawn you near a village, that will have a blacksmith house. In the blacksmith house, you can find Furnance, a Smithing Table, and a chest with lots of Diamonds. You must have clearly made it that, from the starting, you will be having diamond tools, which are the 2nd most powerful tools.

Minecraft Seed: 8038865430415659132

2. Best Desert Minecraft Seed

If you love the desert biome, personally I didn't, this Minecraft seed would be the best for you. This desert Minecraft seed will spawn you near a village having two Desert Temple. Desert Temple is the place will rare items such as enchanted golden apples, tools, diamonds, etc. I loved this seed. But you need to be careful of the pressure plate at the bottom.

Minecraft Seed: -4295284396851726054

3. Ice Biome with Buried Shipwreck

This Minecraft seed is for snow lovers, I personally love the look and feel of this biome. But survival is quite difficult as you won't be getting wood easily, you must travel a while to get them. So, this Minecraft seed will surely get you going. This Minecraft seed will spawn you near a treasure and a shipwreck. You must have understood now, how much loot you are going to have in the initial phase. So do give this Minecraft seed a try.

Minecraft Seed: 527517686

These are the best Minecraft seeds that you can try to have a good start with your survival in Minecraft Game.

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