How to Play Minecraft For Free on Browser Easily

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  • Jul 08,2023
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Minecraft game is developed by Mojang is a block-based building and survival game. Since the release of Minecraft, it has gain immense popularity, Minecraft also has a vast community consisting of many players from all over the world. Minecraft is popular in every type of gamer such as casual gamers, professional gamers, and creative people. One speciality that Minecraft has is, when RTX technology was released, Minecraft was the first game to support ray tracing features.

Minecraft being so popular is not free to play, if comprises a hefty cost to have a full taste of the game. So, is there any way to taste the game without paying any penny? Yes, there is a way. Though you need to take into account that Minecraft is free to play only on Browser but has some limited experience as well. This guide will help you out to have an essence of Minecraft game for free and you can play Minecraft for free.

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How to Play Minecraft for Free

  • Open a web browser of your choice on your PC or laptop.
  • Go to the URL bar and type or go to this link.
  • The website will open, asking you to input a username of your choice.

    Minecraft free to play

  • Enter your preferred username and click the “Start” button. Before you do that, copy the game link to invite 9 other friends to join your Minecraft universe.

As soon as you complete all the above steps, you can play Minecraft for free on your Browser. Use your WASD keys to move around and use 'Left Click' harvest resources for survival. The web browser version of the game is actually Minecraft Classic that was released way back in 2010. It is essentially an early version of the game that only lets you use 32 blocks to create and build something new.

This method is helpful if you want to have a look and feel of the game as there is no option for saving so once you exit your progress will be gone. Moreover, there are no mobs or other elements present in the standard version of the game. The original bugs and glitches that were there in the classic game also exist in this version.

As told before, this is method is used to provide you look and feel of the original Minecraft game so this is far behind the editions of Minecraft which we see today such as, Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft Dungeon Edition. To know more about Minecraft Series, follow on their official Website.

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