Apple patents innovative hydration sensor for smartwatch

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  • Aug 17,2024
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Apple is interestingly working on a new and modern hydration sensor, which will be used on its wearable products. The sensor works by using measuring the electrical homes of the Apple Watch wearer’s sweat. A new patent has printed the new science that is the first of its type for its Apple Watch.

Apple has developed a first-of-its-kind hydration sensor designed for the Apple Watch, a corporation patent submitting has revealed. The patent, first noticed through Patently Apple, is titled “Hydration size with a watch” and was once granted by way of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent provides that “a excessive stage of electrical conductance of the perspiration can point out a excessive attention of electrolytes and a low degree of hydration. Patent filings can't be taken as company proof of Apple’s plans, however they do exhibit the company’s areas of research.

Apple’s hydration sensor takes the shape of non-invasive electrodes that are positioned towards the skin, which it describes as a “reliable and elegant” solution. Nevertheless, Apple is recognised to have formidable plans for including new fitness monitoring abilities to the Apple Watch following the debut of blood oxygen monitoring with the Apple Watch Series 6 and hydration monitoring now seems to be a manageable alternative for the business enterprise to add to the gadget in the future.


Apple has been gaining knowledge of methods to have an Apple Watch band routinely tune the wearer's hydration, with all the fitness monitoring advantages that would bring. Now Apple has one at a time been granted a patent regarding exactly that. A patent for a hydration sensor in Apple Watch, even granted, does now not imply there will ever be a product.

“Traditional methods for monitoring hydration are usually invasive, expensive, or unreliable,” in accordance to Apple. This refers to current approaches of identifying hydration such as single-use exams of fluid samples.

Apple's concept is to encompass electrodes for measuring the electrical residences of the perspiration. So whilst there may be no assurance the characteristic will come in, for instance, the Apple Watch Series 7, the business enterprise has been pursuing the notion for various years.

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