iPhone multitasking at extreme level with iOS 14


  • May 09,2020
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So, the first time when Apple brought multi-tasking to iPhones was back then in 2010. With the launch of iOS 4, Apple brought multitasking to iPhone for the first time. It was a massive addition to iPhones but, 10 years later multi-tasking hasn't evolved that much. Finally, it's time for Apple to take multi-tasking game in the iPhone to the next level with the launch of iOS 14.

Before iOS 4, it was not possible to run apps in the background on iPhone besides phone calls and music. As the iPhone hardware evolved, Apple decided to implement a multitasking system in iOS. But, it was a major feature for iPhone users. At that moment, it was for the first time users were able to switch between apps without losing any content. But, when Apple didn't ever improve the multitasking in iOS again. Although, the app switcher has been redesigned. But the multitasking on the iPhone is still the same as it was in 2010. Even if you have the expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max, consisting Apple's latest A13 Bionic chip, you’re still stuck with a multitasking system from the past decade.

iPhone hardware becoming increasingly advanced, it deserves some real “Pro” features to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that Apple is working on these features for iOS 14. But we all are waiting for WWDC20 in June. To know more about WWDC20, please check it here.

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