Apple Gaming Console Coming Soon

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  • Jan 17,2024
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New scuttlebutt has just surfaced about Apple and it hints at some of its unborn plans. The company is supposedly eyeing the videotape gaming press request and has supposedly indeed tried to bring in masterminds from Microsoft Xbox.

The news arrives from the rearmost podcast on Xbox Two on YouTube. On the rearmost occasion, Windows Central pen Jez Corden participated intriguing information. He stated that the source isn’t relatively dependable and he doesn’t have any particular substantiation or attestation to back it as of right now. Still, if the scuttlebutt is indeed ever true, it's big news within the gaming assiduity.

Corden stated “I’ve been hearing for a while that Apple has been coddling Xbox masterminds to make its own press. I’ve heard that for periods, that Apple was exploring making a videotape game press, and I don’t know if it’s going to be a VR play or a metaverse thing or commodity like that, but some of the masterminds that Apple’s coddled from Microsoft were because they wanted to explore making their own press.” Keep in mind, the Cupertino- grounded mammoth is known for canceling big systems, so it's entirely possible that we may no way see an Apple-ingrained gaming press.

It's also reasonable to believe that a press was planned in the history and could formerly have been canceled as well. Although, the iPhone maker has been raising its focus in gaming, with its Apple Arcade that's playable on its Television. So, the brand at least has some experience in a press-suchlike product. Unfortunately, this is still an unconfirmed report, so take it with a pinch of the swab for now and stay tuned for further updates.

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