Apple Foldable Phone may arrive with 'Self-Healing' display


  • Oct 08,2022
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Apart from making iPhone, iPad and Macs, Apple also work on various devices and technologies that they can implement in their products in near future. Now, According to a recent patent filed by Tech Giant Apple, they are working on a material that can self-heal itself. This kind of technology can be implemented in their foldable displays.

According to Patently Apple, the patent was filed earlier in January of 2020 and published by the US patent office. The patent design showcase a foldable Apple device that comes with a special self-healing layer on its display. This layer will "help mitigate the number of dents, scratches, or other imperfections in a display cover layer" and will keep the display scratch-free.

Moreover, the patent states that this material can either get triggered automatically when it detects any imperfection on the display, or it can be stimulated by user using external stimuli like heat, electricity or light.

"When heat is used as a stimulus for the self-healing process, the display cover layer may include transparent conductors that form a heating layer in the display cover layer. The heating layer may be used to generate heat to stimulate self-healing. The heating layer may be used to generate heat in response to user input, according to a predetermined schedule, or when the electronic device is charging." - Filled patent.

Apple showcases some serious craziness in technology and comes up with amazing patent, some of them were internal project and do not get implemented though. Maybe this type of technology can see their upcoming iPhone. For more amazing tech news stay tuned with us.


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