As of India is trying to launch its first self-reliant, indigenous App store as “Aatm Nirbhar App store” where basically the Indian users will develop & launch the apps globally. Users have grown to love Android for the plethora of features and customization options, but sometimes it can all get a bit confusing. 

Android is the most popular computing platform in the world, due in large part to its powerful open-source nature. So, Gizmeek had decided to list out the Top 5 Indian Android developers apps of the week. We simply termed it as “APP OF THE WEEK”. Our main ideology for this is to list out the best user-friendly, lesser time-consuming, & overcoming the confusion from the pool of apps. This is more like finding a shell from the deep ocean. 

Here is the list of apps: 

1. Scrambled Exif
2. Creative Typography Design
3.  Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker 
4. StoryShots - Book Summaries & Free Audio Books
5. Caffeine - Keep Screen On

1. Scrambled Exif

Scrambled Exif (pronounced eggs if) helps you remove the metadata in your pictures before you share them. If you don't want the big Internet companies (or whomever) to know where your pictures were taken don't forget to remove the metadata from them before you share them.

To remove the metadata from a picture, simply share it as you'd normally do and choose Scrambled Exif. A moment later, the share 'dialog' will reappear. Now just share with the app you intended to share with in the first place. 

Features of the app are: 

  • Basically, Exif is used by jpeg, which is the format in which your Android camera saves pictures. If you want to know more about Exif, check Wikipedia.
  • Scrambled Exif also renames the files (this can be disabled).
  • Please don't heavily rely on the data being deleted. Scrambled Exif does its job pretty well, but it could fail. Always double-check before you share.

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2. Creative Typography Design

Create stunning typography on your photos and have complete control. With CTDesign, writing on photos is easier, more creative, and gets you amazing results. This app will give you the ability to write on photos like a pro. CTDesign is the best app for typing on photos with a complete set of tools and ease of use.

Features of the app are: 

  • Ability to choose photos from the gallery and crop, rotate, or flip them easily.
  • Ability to create a clear canvas with solid/gradient coloring.
  • Adding unlimited text with different styles and unique ways.
  • Modifiable stickers.
  • Layering system.
  • Saving projects to edit the designs later with Autosave feature.
  • Saving and sharing your design easily from within the app.

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3. Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker



Life Lapse simplifies the creation of personal time-lapse & stop motion videos. Capture change over time easily with Life Lapse OR turn your photos into looping videos. Zero editings required. Use the app's ghosted image feature when taking your clips to align your subject from clip to clip. To do this manually without our app, you would have to go into a photo editor, create dozens of layers and align them manually, then export them into video editing software. Life Lapse will save you time, money, and the headache of learning some photo editor! No video editing skill. Life Lapse stitches all the clips together for you. All you have to do is select a filter, song, video ratio & you're good to go.

Document life's journey in either short video clips or photos and the app assembles those memories into a compelling and creative video bringing those memories to life. Life Lapse makes it easy for you to share your video story, whether you want a fun & different way to capture your travels, document the growth of your belly during pregnancy, or showcase a product in multiple settings. Photos & individual video clips are great for sharing a single memory, what about the WHOLE journey.

Features of the app are: 

  • Ghosted Image / Opacity Slider- The previous photo in the projects is overlaid in camera mode so you can align your subjects from clip to clip. No tripods needed.
  • Multiple Projects
  • Filters
  • Camera Timer
  • Re-arrange clips in a project by holding down the clip and dragging it to a new spot
  • Delete select clips
  • Import photos into a project & Back Camera & Selfie Mode
  • Customize Sizing & Re-Align an image after taken
  • Speed - Adjust the speed of your photo project
  • Music - Life Lapse has you covered with a library of 15 songs.
  • Tap and hold on the screen and the ghosted image will disappear.
  • Guideline Grid - To help you center your subjects
  • Reminders - Never miss a moment with reminders. Hourly, daily, weekly.
  • No Editing required! Life Lapse automatically assembles all your clips into a fun & unique video. No fancy editing software required. Hassle-free video creation.

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4. StoryShots - Book Summaries & Free Audio Books

This is the best free alternative to cliff notes, getAbstract, Storytel, Instaread, Blinkist, Headway, GoodReads, Booklet, GIGL, Scribd, QuickRead, Audible and more. The non-fiction categories are business, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, self-help, productivity, time management, psychology, health, fitness, nutrition, investing, economics, marketing, sales, history, politics, philosophy, biography, science, mindfulness, depression, negotiation, stress, travel, career growth, communication skills, dating, and relationships. 

Features of the app are: 

  • want to discover new exciting books
  • want to learn the key book insights of your growing stack of books
  • want to be efficient and learn on the go or to improve your English
  • want to read faster and more with book summaries and analyses in audiobook form
  • are a busy entrepreneur, businessman, coach, manager, executive, leader, or generally a professional or lifelong learner
  • want to read on your Kindle device or desktop with our PDF and Send to Kindle support

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5. Caffeine - Keep Screen On

Similar to the Caffeine tile in LineageOS, Caffeine is a simple app to keep your device awake. Caffeine is a non-profit project. Can you also come up with a clipboard and notification log app that works well with android 10. Would be willing to pay for that. This was one of the features that I was sure that I am gonna miss a lot once I stop using Lineage OS or any other custom ROM. Works just like in Lineage OS. Love the settings in the app too. 

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