Android 12 Update for Galaxy A51

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  • Apr 20,2022
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Released in December 2019, Samsung Galaxy A51 is now finally updating to Android 12 in India. The Update brings the all flavours of Android 12 wrapped with ONE UI 4.1 tempering. 

Android 12 update for Galaxy A51 is a full package having size of 2.001 GB, with latest security patch of April 2022, bearing Build Number : A515FXXU5FVD2.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Android 12

Initial Impressions:

After the update, the device does feel smooth, the animations are now better. The swipes are now fluid, thanks to Android 12, apart from that the devbice does feel a bit warm at time. This might be due to the fact that device is processing all the things in background and adapting to new abrupt changes, as we see with every device.

Major changes and Updates:

  • The UI is now even fluid
  • Samsung Keywboard has new Emoji Generator feature, which can be used to create custom emoji animations.
  • New Camera UI has been there with Android 12 Privacy indicator
  • Color palette scheme has been intriduced and can be found in Settings > Wallpaper and Styles
  • Cleaner and New Samsung Files UI

Android 12 Update for Galaxy A51 seems to working good on the device, and everything is good. This time I am not seeing any random restarts as spotted on inital release of Android 11, so I would surely give thumbs to have get it installed, as no major issue whatsoever has been seen till now.

How to Update Android 12 on Galaxy A51

To install Android 12 on Galaxy A51, follow these:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Software Update.
  3. Tap on Download and install

If your device is in the batch, you will be downloading the Android 12 package. Please note that, use a stable Internet connection as the download size is huge, and stable Internet connection is recommended. You can backup your data just in case, but there is no such necessity of doing it, so you can securely avoid. Once Downloaded, the Installation process, should take about 15 to 20 mins to update the device and your device will reboot twice. Once completed, the phone might feel slow and slugish but it is just processing things at the background. Once all of this is completed, just proceed on updateing system applications from Galaxy Store if some of are left.

Do note one thing that, some random junk will be installed alongwith this update, so keep in mind to uninstall them, if not required by you. 


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