Android 11 Release Road map with Date

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  • Mar 18,2024
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Android is an open-source project from Google. We have Android Q or Android 10 as the latest build. Android Q comes with plenty of new features but the advancement is always appreciable so, for this year we have Android 11 or Android R. Android R will be going to be the next Android system from Google. This new Operating system has many advancements in Notifications, Do Not Disturb, Permission Management, some UI tweaks, and many more security enhancements.

What name is decided for Android 11?

As per Google, the old trend of naming the Android version on deserts has been discontinued from Android Pie or Android 9. This is done because they feel like, it is hard for people to remember these names. They have replaced the naming with a pure version number following the iOS trend. So we think Android 11 will be called Android R or just Android 11.

Recently, Google has released the first developer preview of Android 11 showcasing some new features. Though Android 11 wouldn't be a major UI change but contains some significant changes. These changes are practical for any user.

Android 11 First Developer Preview Features: Android 11 Features

Android 11 Roadmap and Release Date

Google has released an official roadmap for the Android 11 launch. This roadmap will help us to understand the tentative date for the release of official stable Android 11.

Android 11 Roadmap and Release Date

  • Developer Preview 1 (February)

  • Developer Preview 2 (March)

  • Developer Preview 3 (April)

  • Public Beta 1 (May)

  • Public Beta 2 (June)

  • Public Beta 3 (Q3) (Expected: July)

  • Final Release (Q3) (Expected: August)

I hope to get it soon from Google, the latest version of Android. Though it is very clear that, Google generally releases Android with its latest Pixel Lineup. So the final date would be around Last September to mid-October.

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