Android 11 Developer Preview 1 - Features

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  • Feb 20,2024
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Android is an open-source project from Google. We have Android Q or Android 10 as the latest build. Android Q comes with plenty of new features but the advancement is always appreciable so, for this year we have Android 11 or Android R. Android R will be going to be the next Android system from Google. This new Operating system has many advancements in Notifications, Do Not Disturb, Permission Management, some UI tweaks, and many more security enhancements.

ANDROID 11 or ANDROID R Features

1. Notification Changes

With Android 11 we are going to have a new feature in the notification and i.e. Bubbles. All supported apps will have a floating chat bubble where you can interact with the app, this is just like Facebook Messenger. If you need to close the bubble just drag it to the bottom. Chat bubbles are an integral part of Developer Settings on Android 10 devices, but with Android 11 this will be in the mainstream.

Chat bubbles Android 11

In the notification, we also have a "Conversation" option. This is basically a group that will be created on the type of messages and ongoing conversations.

2. Permission Changes

Android 11 Permission

With Android 10 we got to see improved permission manager, this is much more improved in Android 11. Earlier we have three options as 1. Allow, 2. While Using and 3. Deny. This list has been modified in Android 11 as 1. This time Only, 2. While using and 3. Deny, there is no option for Allow always. This might be a good thing from our point of view. This will surely help to enhance permissions as well as battery backup.

3. Security

In the new Android 11 version, Google is adding support for secure storage and identity credentials. Android 11 devices would hold “verifiable identification documents, such as ISO 18013-5 compliant Mobile Driving Licenses.”

4. Other Enhancements

Android 11 Features

Android 11 will be more compatible with 5G networks and has support for HEIF animated images, and a lot more. This new Android system does come with a native improved screen recorder, this will surely help people out.

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