Among Us Game Is Arriving in NEW STATE MOBILE

Two of the most successful gaming franchises, New State Mobile and Among Us, are collaborating to bring fans an entirely new gaming experience. The popular mobile battle royale game's latest update will include Among Us.

Players can take part in an in-game event starting April 21 that challenges them to complete a range of unique missions.

New State Mobile Among Us

When is the Among Us Update going to be released?

New State Mobile players will be able to play an Among Us-themed mini-game from April 21 to May 19. New State users will also receive a slew of new in-game goodies, as well as newly updated Troi map props and more.

What will the players in New State experience?

On Troi's Starting Island, the Sting of Betrayal of Among Us: Players will be able to play a themed mini-game before the start of a match on Troi, based on the main elements of Among Us. Before the start of a match, squads will be able to play a quick game of Among Us on the Starting Island. The Impostor will be assigned to one member of the squad at random, while the remaining members try to escape being killed by the Impostor. During the mini-game, the Impostor can employ weapons to eliminate squad members.

Dress To Kill (Like an Impostor): Players can purchase a range of in-game gear such as a mask, coat, innerwear, backpack, weapons, vehicles, and more by purchasing special themed crates.

Players may be more on edge than normal throughout the cooperation when they come across a number of Among Us Crewmate-themed objects scattered throughout Troi's Starting Island and its Chester and Anchorville centres of interest.

Rewards Starting April 21, gamers can take part in an in-game event called Among Us, which will require them to perform a number of unique quests. Players will receive an Among Us-themed frame, title, icon, and more after completing these objectives, which may be utilised to customise their in-game profiles. Players can gain extra things by completing more missions.

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