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Airtel CEO warns fight against cyber frauds in India

In the email, the CEO has mentioned that there are two ways through which fraudsters were targeting subscribers. In a first way, the fraudsters identify themselves as employees of Airtel and offer the customers a VIP number. If the customer is convinced to buy a VIP number, the fraudster asks them to make a prepayment to book the number. However, after the transaction is done, no contact is made to customers from the other hand.

Safe Pay can be accessed by users with Airtel Payments Bank accounts. The Airtel Payments Bank account has a maximum balance limit of Rs 1 lakh and can be linked to any UPI app if users do not want to expose their primary bank account. Safe Pay is aimed at protecting users from potential frauds such as phishing, stolen credentials or passwords, and even phone cloning that catches customers unaware using the likes of two-factor authentication.

"With the growing second wave of the pandemic and lockdowns in various parts of the country, there has been a massive increase in online transactions. In both instances, please immediately call 121 to confirm. In fact, I would say when in doubt simply call 121.”

The other type of common fraud these days is the Know Your Customer (KYC) scam. The fraudsters identify themselves as Airtel employees and ask the customers to fill a KYC form. In order to fill up the form, the customers are asked to install an ‘Airtel Quick Support’ App from the Google Play store.

VIP numbers or downloading third-party apps to hack into the account details. Vittal also warned customers about OTP fraud which involves hackers getting the OTP from users to make payments.

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