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10 Best Activities You Can Do With Your Smartphone

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  • Nov 17,2022
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The smartphone brings the world in your fist. It is actually a virtual world by itself and provides a lot of things for exploration. 

When our feature phone turns into smart ones. The world around us has changed a lot. Change has come in our daily activities. 

Now, we can do so many things with our smartphones. Photography, gaming, learning and so many things that we never imagined doing with our phones. 

Today’s post is all about our smartphone activity. I will try to talk about the 10 best activities through the post. The post drives you to a way in which you can convert your boredom into fun.

So, let's dive into the main topics. 

What You Can Do with Your Smartphone?

The question may be addressed as “what you can’t do with your smartphone?. Because there are no such things that you can’t do with your smartphone. 

Literally, the smartphone is capable of doing tons of activities. Such as communicating, entertaining, gaming, browsing, etc. 

Moreover, you can do photography, make payments, or record videos with your smartphone. You can also use it as a remote control for other smart devices.  

Smartphones replace lots of things in our daily life such as digital cameras, audio players, and calculators. Let’s make things more specific in the next portion of the article. 

Where I brief on the top 10 activities on smartphones nowadays. 

Top 10 Activities of Smartphone

As I wrote before, you can do so many things with your smartphone. You can do productive things as well as you can do something entertaining to get rid of your boredom. 

Maybe there are so many smartphone brands with different types of configurations but the activities are similar.

We construct a list by ourselves of the top 10 activities that everyone usually does with their smartphones. 

Here is the list of the top 10 activities of a smartphone:

  • Photography & Videography
  • Photo & Video Editing
  • Read & Learn
  • Internet Browsing
  • Communicating 
  • Keeping Notes & Make Routines
  • Make Payments
  • Watch Videos
  • Listen to Music
  • Gaming

Photography & Videography

Once upon a time when the person who had a camera in a tour group got some extra value. But things have changed a lot now. When the camera was added to a smartphone, there was a change came. 

Now, every person is used to taking photos and recording videos with a smartphone. Because the camera of a smartphone improved a lot. 

Even the manufacturers of mobile phones collaborate with infamous camera companies to make phone cameras better to the best. 

You can capable of taking pro-quality images and film a cinema-quality video with your flagship smartphones. The mid-range and beginner-level smartphones are also capable of taking some awesome photos. 

So, you can do amazing photography of yourself or the different scenarios of nature to keep your great memories fresh.

Photo & Video Editing

To post a photo or video on social media or a digital platform, you need to edit it. On the other hand, you need to edit your recorded video to cancel the noise or make it more attractive. 

For editing a video you don’t need to depend on some heavy software on a PC. Because you find a bunch of excellent editing tools for your mobile. 

These apps are capable of editing your video and photo as PC-based editing tools do. When you need to edit a photograph or a recorded video with the tools of your smartphone.

So, you can edit your photo and video using your smartphone and make them perfect to upload on digital media platforms. 

Read & Learn

Smartphone becomes a supreme medium to read and learn. There is a variety of ways to gather knowledge via smartphones. 

You can take online classes by using several meeting apps. Thousands of e-books that raise your knowledge level are available on your smartphone. Apart from this, you can read novels at your leisure via your smartphone. 

The smartphone makes reading and learning in one click only. No extra hassle to find books or learning materials.

So, don’t waste your time. Find a book or enroll in a course to acquire knowledge online.

Internet Browsing

The Internet brings everything into our room, it changes the perspective of how we see the world. Smartphone drives the speed of the internet to a crazy level. 

Now you can browse things easily via smartphones. Select a browser and enter into it and jump into the limitless world of browning. 

Among all the browsers Google Chrome and Firefox are the best in service. For iPhone users, the Safari browser serves alright to the user. 

Browse whatever you want from your smartphone with one click. Just check out your internet connection before tapping. 


Social media has created the opportunity to communicate with everybody from everywhere around the world. Now you can create a social media platform app through your smartphone. 

Even statistics say that most social media platform users are using the apps through smartphones. 

Even it’s hard to find anyone who prior a computer to use social media rather than a smartphone. You can message, video, and audio call your friends and family via smartphone. 

So, the smartphone makes the medium of communication so easier. You can communicate with your friends and family through your smartphone. 

Keeping Notes & Make Routines

Discipline is a vital part of our life cycle. To be disciplined in our life we all should make a routine. Keeping short notes of important things helps you to remind your to-do list. 

What if, your smartphone becomes the reminder for you? Luckily, smartphones do this. You can make your daily routine as well as keep short and long notes. Furthermore, it reminds us about our work with an alarm.

So, keep your notes and make a routine through your smartphone and live a disciplined life.

Make Payments

Now we live in a society, where you don’t need to keep a paper note with you to make your daily life payments. 

You can pay through your smartphone. From the roadside seller to a super shop everywhere you can find smart payment systems. 

Even you don’t need to manually pay by the app, just scan a QR code and the payments automatically happen. 

So keep your money safe and don’t need to make your wallet heavy with full of cash and coins.

So, live an easy and tension-free life by making payments with your smartphone.

Watch Videos

We have passed those days when tv was the only way to watch videos. Then the PC came, and both laptop and desktop screens are our partners to watch videos. 

Now, we have the opportunity to watch videos on our smartphones. From normal entertaining videos to educational videos- you can watch every video on a mobile phone. 

Moreover, you can enjoy any high-resolution video. Even some phone supports 4k videos.

So, enjoy your favorite series or learn something interesting through your smartphone.

Listen to Music

Music can change your mode from worst to better in a moment. Your favorite song can be your partner in your loneliness. 

You can hear music with your smartphone. Hence you can store music on your smartphone, on the other hand, you can listen to your favorite music through the phone. 

Connect the phone with an earphone or the latest TWS and just hit the play button. Now explore the ocean of music. 


One of the most important activities in a smartphone is gaming. Actually, gaming is a part and parcel of smartphones since the beginning. 

Now it reached its pick. Smartphones can do some serious level of gaming nowadays. Games like COD and PUBG are easily played on smartphones.

So, replace the console with a smartphone and play whatever you want on your smartphone. 


The smartphone brings the world into your fist. You are just one click away from exploring the world.

Through the post, I try to let you know about the various uses of smartphones. Especially, the daily activities that help you to develop your skill as well as give an opportunity to entertain you. So, grab the smartphone and do something that put an impact on your life. 

That’s all for today. Hope you like the post. Share your thought via comments.

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