The Chinese tech giant had one of its patents be granted in China, which highlights a unique and innovate handset that has a flexible display that can be detached from the body. As per the patent’s summary, the body of the smartphone and the foldable screen panel can be separated from one another. Furthermore, the flexible display wraps around and covers the body when it is attached to the main body.

Via ITHome

In other words, the display is unfolded fully when it is detached from the body of the smartphone. Notably, the display is still usable after being removed from the body through wireless data transmission between the flexible screen and the main body. This also implies that the screen itself will be capable of basic computing and houses a battery separate from the main housing as well.

As of right now, finer details regarding the device itself is still unknown. This is still just a patent so we have no way of confirming whether the brand is actually working on such a product or is simply covering all bases. Xiaomi is known to patenting unique handset designs. But, it does offer us a look what the future of smartphones.