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  • May 05,2020
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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we are supposed to be inside and wait for the situation to get normal. People are working from home, spending time with family and friends. There are many ways by which you can spend time, like reading, playing an indoor game or mobile games, etc. Among all games, PUBG Mobile would be the most common game people are playing. But today we have another addictive game that would take PUBG Mobile away from you. This mobile game is World War Doh.

World War doh is a multiplayer online mobile game, that lets you play with your family and friends and helps you to spend time during this lockdown period. Trust me this game is so good that you won’t realize the time being spent. You will keep on playing for hours and hours still, you won’t get bored.

How does this Game work?

In this game, you have to defeat the opposing player or the “ENEMY”. As this is a realtime 1v1 combat game, the enemy will also do the same. Here come the characters in the play. You have to use your character’s abilities to stop the enemy from intruding in your region and counter-attack them. 

World War Doh comes packed with a lot of cartoonish characters such as piranhas, dragons, etc. These characters will bind you with the game for hours. These characters have various abilities that you can use within the game as discussed earlier.

The simple interface and easy game concept make it fit for the audience from age 10 to 60+. Whatever is your age you are going to love this game.

Why You should give World War Doh a try?


World War Doh Download

Well, World War Doh is way too different from other Clash Royal Games it has some amazing emote for players like- blurred middle finger emoter and OK BOOMER taunt bubble. If you are a fan of mobile Games especially online multiplayer mobile games, then this game is for you. World War Doh will surely keep up with all your expectations. This game is neither too heavy to download nor requires a lot of data while playing. This mobile game is available for both the platform Android as well as iOS, so the platform wouldn’t be an issue for anyone.

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