PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update: Miramar 2.0, Safety Scramble Mode and MORE!!


  • May 05,2020
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PUBG Mobile is going to launch it's one of the biggest update. Tencent has now offially confirmed through a video that the PUBG Moblide 0.18.0 update is releasing on May 7, which was earlier speculated to be April 24.

The Latest Update is said to include Miramar 2.0 or now commonly known as Mad Miramar, Scramble Mode, Scoped Winchester and others. You can expect this update to go over 2GB in size, and it's going to bring a bunch of new features. PUBG updarte was expected to also include Erangle 2.0 but as of now it is mostly clear that Tencent has decided to release Miramar 2.0 only.

All The Expected Features of the 0.18.0 Update

1) Miramar 2.0 aka Mad Miramar

The new version Miramar 2.0 will introduce a lot of new things, like Racing Ramp, Water-City, Golden Mirado, and Vending Machine. The players can use vending machines to get supplies like painkillers, and energy drinks, which is quite amazing. The new or updated locations in the Mad Miramar map are:

The Ruins


The first new location to be added on the Miramar map is the 'Ruins'. It is located in the North West section of the map. According to the story of New Miramar map, nobody knows when Ruins was actually constructed on the map. However, according to PUBG Mobile, strong winds lifted the sand and revealed this location in Mad Miramar.

Race Track

Race Track is the second major addition to the Mad Miramar map. Pubg players can perform many stunts on the race track. This will further enhance and boost the driving experience in the Mad Miramar map. It is absolutely insane. This will make driving exciting in this map to another level. Even though race track is a fun activity to do in the map the players have to careful while performing stunts because one wrong move can take their lives.


Last but not the least, comes the final addition to Miramar map that is Oasis. It located at Northern edge of the map. It is the only part of the map that has water bodies where players can have a swim. This will be a welcome change for the players who are bored by the endless sand.

2) Safety Scramble Mode


This will be the newest addition to EvoGround mode. It is very similar to the PUBG PC's Bluehole Mode. In this mode there will be a Blue Zone inside the safezone much like the Red Zone. Similar to it's outer counterpart this blue zone will also decrease the player's health. This will prevent players from camping in safe zone. But it should also be noted that this zone will also serve as the safe zone once the timer resets again.

3) Jungle Adventure Guide Mode


Jungle Adventure Guide Mode is a new mode in the Sanhok map. The mode introduces many new features like Hot Air Balloons, Totems, Jungle Food. The Objective of this mode is same as classic mode but these latest additions can help you in doing so. A player recieve upto 3 kinds of temporary buffs. These buffs can be activated using Jungle food which spawns randomly all over the map. Totems are also an addition which needs to found and what better way than the Hot Air Balloon.

Whenever you eat Jungle Food, you will receive a random buff from a total of 3 buffs. Here is the list of all the buffs:

  • You will be able to sense the location of Airdrops for a few minutes.
  • Enemies' locations will be marked on the mini-map if they make a sound, last for a few minutes.
  • Your vision will be blurred for a few seconds.

Totems will give you a blessing (which is nothing) or items. Each Totem can only be used once. 

4) Other Additions

Other additions to game include the upgraded Winchester Model 94 commonly known to players as Win94 which now sports a fixed 2.7x scope.


The map will also feature a unique Golden Mirado vehicle which will be fun to drive if the players are lucky to encounter one because only one instance of the vehicle will spawn in the map. This will make the vehicle rare.


New additions also include the vending machine from where the players can get supplies like pain killers and energy drinks.


The much awaited canted sight is also making a appearance on the mobile format of the game. This will serve as a secondary scope for your weapon which can be used for closed combat. This means that we can have two scopes on a weapon for instance a 6x scope for long range and the canted sight for short range. The players can switch between the two according to their needs.

All these updates and additions summarize the PUBG mobile 0.18.0 update which will leave it's players in awe for a long time.

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