Windows Subsystem For Android Now Available on Windows Store

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  • Sep 30,2023
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Microsoft has released its next generation of Windows called Windows 11. Windows 11 Insider program has also been announced and people are readily using Windows 11 on their systems that support Windows 11. There are plenty of features that Microsoft has unveiled during the launch but they are releasing each feature in a progressive mode so that they can avoid crashing Insider User's system.

In this process of delivering Windows 11 to the end-user, there is an exciting and most awaited feature that has been spotted on Windows 11. The Windows Subsystem for Android has been seen on the Microsoft Store of Windows 11.

What is Windows Subsystem for Android?

Windows System for Android will allow users to run many Android Applications onto their Windows 11 systems. This surely going to help people to work across devices seamlessly.

This Windows subsystem for Android would let the user easily install and use most of the Android applications directly from the Windows Store. To make this happen, Microsoft in their release event which was held on 24 JUNE 2021, said that they have partnered with Amazon to provide Android applications directly from Windows Store.

Windows Subsystem for Android on Microsoft Store

As spotted by Windows tipster WalkingCat, the listing is just a placeholder at the moment. Installing the app brings up a blank screen. “Microsoft Confidential – For testing purposes – Please do not take screenshots or communicate about the content,” reads the description. As you are reading this, it’s safe to say no one took that warning seriously.

Currently, this feature is not available on the regular Insider Dev or Beta channel, but you can surely expect it anytime soon in the near future. In case if you feel to use Android applications on Windows 11, you can use Android emulators for Windows that would surely get your work done in the meantime.

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