Windows File Explorer is getting a visual revamp with new additional icons

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  • Mar 31,2023
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File Explorer in Microsoft's Windows is getting a visual revamp with new additional icons, a Windows blog post report. Microsoft has started rolling out a test build of Windows 10 that includes changes to the system icons we can find in File Explorer, such as, the Recycle Bin, Documents folders, and disk drives.

"Several changes, such as the orientation of the folder icons and the default file type icons, have been made for greater consistency across Microsoft products that show files," says Windows Insider chief, Amanda Langowski. "Notably, the top-level user folders such as Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and Pictures have a new design that should make it a little easier to tell them apart at a glance."

"And yes, the Recycle Bin icon has also been updated!" she further added. There are a lot of icons in Windows 10 and more icons will continue to get updated over time, writes Amanda.

These minor updates are all part of the bigger motive to modernize Windows. The icon updates will arrive alongside some changes to the layout of File Explorer. Microsoft is adding additional padding between elements in File Explorer, and there will be a compact mode for you to return to the classic File Explorer mode. The updated view is more touch-optimized and seamlessly suits the new icons.


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