WhatsApp expands file sharing to 2GB: Here's everything about other platforms!

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  • May 23,2022
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The file sharing limit on WhatsApp was recently upped to 2GB. This means WhatsApp users can transfer files up to 2GB in size. I'm curious if there is another platform that allows people to exchange such large files, or what size files may be shared on Gmail, Outlook, and other prominent platforms. Here's everything you need to know about,

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WhatsApp: Allows up to 2GB of file sharing

WhatsApp just doubled the file transmission limit from 100MB to 2GB. WhatsApp users can share photographs, videos, documents, and other file types in private or group chats.

Gmail: Allows up to 25MB as attachment

Gmail has a maximum attachment size of 25MB. It enables users to exchange any form of file, including images, movies, documents, and so on. Users can also send larger files using Google Drive over the email service.

Telegram Messenger on the App Store

Telegram: Allows sharing of up to 2GB file size

Telegram was one of the first instant messaging platforms to support up to 2GB file sharing. Users can share photographs, videos, documents, and other media in individual or group discussions.

Microsoft Outlook update will address one of the most common office  frustrations | TechRadar

Microsoft Outlook: Allows up to 20MB as an attachment

Attaching files larger than 20MB are not permitted in Microsoft Outlook. Outlook, like Gmail, allows you to share files as OneDrive attachments.

Signal Private Messenger - Apps on Google Play

Signal: Allows up to 200MB file transfer

Signal has varying file size limits for various file kinds. The programme, for example, allows users to share photographs of up to 6MB in size, but the maximum for sharing films and files is set at 200MB and 100MB, respectively.

Instagram users irked with the new update

Instagram: Up to 650MB for images and videos

Instagram users can only share photographs and videos via Direct Messages. The limit in this case is 650MB.

Google will soon begin upgrading all Hangouts users to Google Chat, but you  can opt out for now

​Google Chat: Allows up to 200MB file transfer

Google Chat allows users to share files and documents. The limit has been set at 200MB.

Facebook - Apps on Google Play

Facebook Messenger: Allows up to 25MB file sharing

Users of Facebook Messenger can send voice, video, pictures, and anything up to 25MB in size.

Microsoft's Skype struggles have created a Zoom moment - The Verge

Skype: Allows up to 300MB of file sharing

Skype allows users to communicate photographs, movies, and other types of data. The maximum file size it should support is 300MB or less.

LinkedIn to suspend its Stories feature on September 30

Linkedin: Up to 100MB

The file size limit on Linkedin is 100MB. However, it only handles documents with fewer than 300 pages and image files.

Zoom to launch dedicated events platform including ticketing - Music Ally

​Zoom: Up to 512MB

Zoom allows users to share any form of material, with a maximum file size limit of 512MB.

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