Fast charging is one of the fastest-growing directions in the Chinese smartphone industry. Regarding this, the new Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro will come on the market this month. This will support 120W fast charging. 

A very common reaction from the customers to such kinds of fast charging technologies is that it will surely hurt a mobile's battery life. 

In an interview with Daniel Desjarlais, Xiaomi's head of international communication and global spokesperson he said that there were myriads of trials including third parties. This device is packed with 34 various battery protection functions. And considering the battery life, it provides almost the same experience as other traditional mobile phone batteries.

He also added that this is something that is certainly heavily tested.

Generally, for this point of charging with the batteries that we’ve examined it with, after 800 cycles of charging you will still have 80 percent battery life. Now, that 20 percent may sound like ‘oh, I’m missing 20 percent,’ but that is quite basic among all charging technologies. 800 cycles, for maximum people, it’s gonna be two years around. So that’s quite solid.”

The company, Xiaomi believes that its fast technology will persist to prevail and new improvements and updates will keep on coming.  





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