What is Caret Browsing? How Caret Browsing is beneficial

  • Sep 30,2022
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If you are related to the Internet by any means, then this browser capability will surely help you with the work. Caret browsing was present in each and every browser for a long decade, you can use this feature in any browser: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, etc. This is surely a feature that might be handy if you are doing some research and want to clip the paragraph without any hassle of using mouse movements.

Caret Browsing problem solved

The above screenshot shows a common issue that you have faced while copy text from a website. If you use Caret Browsing, then you can easily select your desired text without any trouble.

How does Caret Browsing work?

Once you have enabled caret browsing in any browser, it will give you a movable cursor just like an editor (Word). Now you can use your keyboard to select any text using the "Shift+arrows", a windows keys shortcut. Caret browsing also provides ease in copy text on clickable buttons and links.

How to Enable Caret Browsing?

To enable Caret Browsing, you need to press the "F7" button, once pressed, a popup will appear on the screen. The popup will give you a line description of the caret browsing. Once clicked "Turn On", Caret browsing will be enabled. To turn off caret browsing, just press the "F7" button again.

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