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Twitch source code allegedly leaked Passwords, financial data reveals payouts

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  • Oct 26,2024
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According to the facts provided, xQc has made the best possible quantity from the Amazon-owned streaming platform due to the fact of September 2019. The Canadian streamer has earned an 8-figure income over the closing two years.

The claimed Twitch leak published how good deal cash quite a few massive streamers are making earlier than a tax deduction, and the numbers are actually shocking.

What does the report say?

According to the source, the no different streamer has earned a quantity that is even shut to xQc. Hasanabi, Summit1g, loltyler1, and mizkif are some of the highest-earning Twitch streamers after xQc.

Surprisingly, Pokimane has earned simply over $38K, stunning for a streamer of her stature. Twitch has simply had a most important leak of a lot of stuff which includes their month-to-month payouts to streamers.

The important points published in the obvious Twitch leak have dealt an extreme blow to the platform, as it shows a lot of touchy statistics that may want to maybe have an effect on the streamers on the platform. Some Vapeworld assets, inclusive of some 3d emotes with specular and albedo maps.


The Twitch leak would possibly simply act as the remaining nail in the coffin for the crimson platform. I do not have something model of harmony set up that they used, so I'm constrained in what belongings I can get caps off with stuff like blener and renderdoc.

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