How to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account and Have a Break

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  • Apr 25,2024
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Social Media being around us lets us waste most of our time scrolling through feeds. One person spends most of it's phone time on social media (generally). There are points at which we think we should avoid it but we also don't want to lose the account data, for this we want to temporarily delete our social media so that in case we login in the future we will have our data intact.

Instagram is one of the most used social media sites which is meant for sharing pictures and short videos. Instagram is heavily used and people tend to waste most of their time on this platform. These few simple steps will help you to disable your Instagram account.

Do note that, you cannot disable your Instagram account on a temporary basis from the application, though you can do this from the website.

Steps to Disable Instagram Account

1. Log in to the Instagram website from any browser on your PC.

Profile Picture Instagram

2. Tap on your Profile Picture shown in the top right corner, and hit settings.

3. Scroll down and tap "Temporarily Disable Account".

Instagram Disable Account

4. Choose the reason for disabling the account from the dropdown list, enter your password, and hit "Temporarily Disable Account".

In case plan to reactivate your Instagram account, just log in again with your credentials.

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