TCL Smart Glasses Filed Patented

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  • Oct 19,2024
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TCL Thunderbird Smart Glasses pioneer versions were unveiled in China on Friday 15 October. The smart glasses consist of a MicroLED screen and has a waveguide developed in-house by TCL. In terms of design, the Thunderbird Smart Glasses look like normal sunglasses with transparent colour screens. These new TCL smart glasses have various smart features, these glasses come with a camera. Also, they can represent several screens at the same time. These can also be used to make calls, capture photos and offer navigation with the help of augmented reality (AR). 

The company has itself announced the Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition. Yet there is no data shared by the company about its price and availability. 

TCL has shared the specification of the smart glasses via video. The smart glasses have a MicroLED display with 4-micrometre pixels.

According to a video the smart glasses can be used to access smartphone data, watch videos, set up alarms, manage smart home appliances and can also manage calendars. These smart glasses by TCL can also be used to control the car door lock switch. It is said these smart glasses will compete with Facebook's Ray-Ban stories smart glasses and Xiaomi Smart Glasses. 





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