Spiderman Avengers Game for PS Coming Soon !

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  • Nov 19,2024
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Spider-Man is eventually heading to Marvel’s Punishers soon, but the wall- straggler is exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

On November 30, the Spider-Man With Great Power Hero Event will add the web-slinger to Marvel’s Punishers — for everyone that owns the game on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, that is. Yup, Spider-Man is only on Sony consoles. Sorry, Xbox and PC players!

The plot for Spider-Man with Great Power Hero Event involves Peter Parker uncovering a plan by the Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM)mega-corporation to get new technology that’ll beef up its Synthroid army and position the association as global trouble. Peter mates with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow to hopefully end AIM’s unrighteous plans while keeping his secret identity complete, of course!

There’s no caravan for the Spider-Man with Great Power Hero Event yet, but Crystal Dynamics did outline some of the quality-of-life advancements coming soon.

No matter if you’re on PlayStation or not, patch2.2 will introduce a bunch of stuff like the four-player Klaw Raid and some system advancements, including

The maximum power position will increase from 150 to 175.

Gear recycling allows players to upgrade whatever they've equipped with the more important outfits they find

Shipments let players attain certain cosmetics, coffers, and particulars via gameplay. Crystal Dynamics will unfold more on how that’ll work soon.

Per-Hero Weekly Objects eventually lets players ranch challenges on a per- idol base rather than locking progression across the account.

It sounds like patch2.2 will be a healthy update for Marvel’s Punishers, which is what it desperately needs right now. Square Enix’s chairman called the game a disappointment lately, and several controversial consumable particulars were taken off the in-game shop due to addict outrage.

While Spider-Man being exclusive to PlayStation is odd, it’s not shocking considering that Sony still owns the character. It’s unclear if this manifestation of the webhead will be from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac or not, but we’ll find out soon. Maybe a return of everyone’s favorite Spidey voice actor Yuri Lowenthal is brewing? We can only hope.

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