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Soon Instagram Will Pay Those Who Make Reels

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  • May 27,2021
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Instagram brought up reels to provide a satisfactory alternative to TikTok and now, Instagram has one more good news for its users to make them more curious to use it. The company is working on a "Bonuses" feature by which all the reels creators can earn money. 

The feature was first noticed by Alessandro Paluzzi, the developer. He shared a screenshot in which he confirmed that this option will be available for the creators and not for regular users. The screenshot also indicates that the creators will get money for their reels whenever they upload new Reels.

The company has not yet revealed the criteria for it but based on rumours it can be said that this option will be available only for those creators who have a good audience and good upload volume. 

The users have to have some "Bonus threshold" which will be necessary to earn money by making reels. 

Well, this option of "Bonus" is still being developed by Instagram and the company has not officially declared about it. 

For better clarity, the company has "Insights" features. This option is present for Live Reels and Reels. 

For reels, Instagram will provide new metrics like comments, account reached, likes, shares and saves. Moreover, for Live they offer options like viewers, shares, comments, and account reached. The metrics will provide better clarity about account reached or performance. 



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