Samsung to work with Tesla to develop a 5nm chip for self driving cars

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  • Feb 10,2022
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Tesla is now set to work with Samsung to develop 5nm chips for its self-driving cars which have disproved the previous rumors about them working with Taiwanese company TSMC to develop a 7nm chip for the same. According to the report, the Research and Development team at Tesla is working to improve its artificial intelligence framework. This will provide the cars coming out in the future with autonomous driving capabilities.

Asia-E, a South Korean Media Outlet has reported that Samsung is currently developing  a 5nm chip for Tesla, that will provide computing power to its self driving cars. %nm is the current best that we can achieve in the market. Sumsung has been providing 14nm chips for Tesla amd now has aimed for a 5 nm one. According to Samsung they know enoough about 5nm chips that they can just directly 7nm chips made for cars. If they are successfull in doing so, they may the supplier for Tesla's self driving cars.

Tesla's self driving cars take input from multiple systems. The infotainment system in the cars uses multiple variety of chips like processors, neural network processors, memory and display drive IC's and security integrated circuits. These all taken as one form the core technologies that process information from sensors, communication in the car and shows it on the screen to make the vehicle truely achieve fully autonomous driving. Tesla is now focused to modernised the setup and Samsung is aiming its focus on developing in this direction.


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