Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Specification and First Look leaked!!!!

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  • Jun 16,2022
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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been hogging a large share of rumors for a long time and there have been previous reports that suggest it's launch in August. A new leak has revealed the specs for the Galaxy Note 20, as well as some images and video of the phone. And it looks like a pretty impressive flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 plus, and the rumored Note 20 ultra could be the best android smartphone there ever been. And here everything we know so far.

  • Look and Design


    The pics leaked by the Ice Universe clearly shows that Note 20 Ultra is thinner than the Note 10 Plus, the bezels are narrower and the punch hole is smaller, too. Unlike Samsung Note 10 series Note 20 will most likely don a flat display. Other smartphones in Note 20 series will sport a flat-screen much like their predecessors.
  • Display

    Apart from the curved Display which is an advancement from the Note 10 series, a tipster has also claimed that the 'Ultra' variant of the Galaxy Note 20 will feature an LTPO OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate and QHD+ resolution. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will come with a 60Hz full-HD flat display and "wide frames". The LTPO display supports QHD+ and 120Hz refresh rate at the same time. According to reliable tipster Ice Universe, Note 20 will feature a more fine-tuned version of the 120Hz refresh-rate displays that debuted on the Galaxy S20 series. 
  • Specifications

    The Ultra variant of the Note 20 Series is expected to have :
    • Processor

      SnapDragon 865 plus SoC, but if they are not available it is highly likely that Samsung could go with their own Exynos 992 chipset which also supports 5G connectivity. Whichever chipset Samsung chooses we can be sure that the phone will work with 5G networks because Galaxy S20 series introduced earlier also had it and Samsung would not like to go back it.
    • Camera

      Note 20 series will mostly like to don a massive camera module which can be confirmed via the leaked CAD schematic discovered in January. In the leak, we can see that there is a space allotted for the stylus, a unique feature of the Note series. The size of the cutout in the schematic is very much similar to the S20 smartphones released earlier this year. This can be a hint that the base model of the Note 20 series will have a triple-lens setup like the S20 series smartphones and the "Ultra" version will come out with a quad-camera setup with the best lens(108MP lens) the company has.
    • Battery and Charging

      A report released earlier stated that Note20 will have a 4000mah battery which is an improvement from the Galaxy Note 10's 3,500 mAh battery. It is not yet clear what will be the battery size Galaxy Note 20 plus could get but it can be assumed that Samsung will most probably borrow it's 4500mah pack from the S20 plus and Note 20 Ultra will get 5000mah battery from the S20 Ultra.
      SamMobile claims to have dug up certification information on the regular Note 20 for its Chinese launch, and in the relevant documents, the phone is listed to contain a 4,300-mAh battery. That's not only 300 mAh more than Galaxy Club's initial rumor, but a full 800 mAh more than last year's Galaxy Note 10 and its 3,500-mAh power pack. That should elicit a sizable boost to daily longevity if it comes to pass.
      There has been no rumors regarding the charging capability of the smartphone. Even if there is nothing new we still get what was given with Note 10 series. The existing Galaxy Note 10 recharges in a snap, especially if you use Samsung's optional 45-watt charging brick. Even though there are rumors that Note 20 series will be shipped with a 25-watt charger. If someone wants an improvement they can always go for the 45-watt charger.


As it is, Note 20 series has the potential to be one of the most advanced smartphones there is. Even though it may not be one of the cost-efficient ones, it sure is loaded with the best specs a smartphone could get. The design is stylish and the look is great. The hardware can get the job done and the juice can last for a day. Along with the rapid charging, it is a complete package. If Samsung can deliver what most people have speculated along with some improvement in battery management because it comes with a QHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate, it will be a big competition for other smartphone giants like Apple. The smartphone is expected to make its debut on  August 5

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