Samsung AR Glasses Can Be Controlled By Galaxy Watch

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  • May 21,2021
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Nowadays there are many companies like Oppo, Apple, and many others working on AR glasses and hardware which are expected to come into the market in the future. Now as per recent news a concept video of Samsung's AR glasses got leaked online showing some of the specifications. This video is shared by tipsters representing some of the things that their new " Samsung Glasses Lite " can do. 


In the first video, it is shown that the Samsung smartphone docked to a controller appliance and an integrated control feature in which the Samsung Galaxy watch is utilized to switch from the game mode to a watch video mode. The next feature is "Dex Display"  which can be helpful to send and receive e-mails via a physical keyboard while a floating desktop will occur In front of them. The video also tells how video calls will look on these AR glasses by Samsung. There is also a sunglasses mode that helps to tint the shades and hides the AR screen.


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