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How to record Android TV Screen

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  • Dec 24,2024
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Screen recording on Android TV is not an easy process as we have in our android devices. Google has removed the main essential component which is required for screen recording apps i.e. "draw over other apps" setting to stop apps from floating over the UI components in the TV interface. This is quite reasonable to prevent privacy hindrance of the user. But still, you want to record the screen of your Android TV then here are the steps that you can follow.

One of the most popular methods of recording a TV screen is mirroring the screen. But the recorded video from this app is very low in quality and resolution. Here are steps that you can follow to record the screen of your Android TV.

1. Firstly, you need to allow the incompatible app to run on your Android TV. Connect with your Android TV wirelessly through ADB. adb connect <device_ip>

2. Once the device is connected, download the AZ screen recorder APK on your computer system.

3. Next, on terminal run adb install az-screen-recorder-5-8-0.apk to install AZ screen recorder apk on your Android TV. Once the app is successfully installed it will display a success message.

4. Now download the set orientation app and with the same command as above install set orientation app on your Android TV. (adb install set-orientation.apk)

5. Now, Open the set orientation app and change the orientation to Landscape. If you get a prompt saying the app is built for an older platform then simply dismiss and proceed further.

6. Now you have to connect a mouse to the Android TV. This will be used to navigate across AZ screen recorder app in Android TV.

7. Once the mouse is connected execute the following command adb shell appops set SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW allow  
it will allow Android TV to draw over other apps.

8. Finally open the Open AZ Screen recorder from the Android TV launcher. Grant all the permission and after that use your mouse to click on "recording" icon at the bottom-right corner.

10. Now click on "start now" and it will start recording the screen on your Android TV.

11. To stop the video recording you can click on the overlay icon using the mouse. The AZ screen recorder overlay will remain on screen until you force stop the application from settings.

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