Fake WhatsApp is Circulating in Name of WhatsApp Pink : Beware!

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  • Apr 20,2024
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WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms from Facebook. Having a userbase of 2 billion, it is common to have various attacks on the platform as it can be a good source of data for the attacker. Recently we have seen that someone else could easily log you out of WhatsApp and use it in your name. This lets the user have full access to your account and he or she can scam your contacts as well. Though this could be a little worrisome as you can easily recover your account by login in again. But a new virus variant of WhatsApp is circulating over the internet which is named Pink WhatsApp. This new variant can easily have full access to your device and steal your all data.

Stay Away From Pink WhatsApp.

WhatsApp doesn't allow much customization, which is used as a circulation method. People get APK links with name as WhatsApp Pink, the link claims to be official and said that there are few customizations that you are exclusively getting to have a first try on. Link claims that it can turn the app’s color scheme from the boring old green to a brand new pink theme.

First spotted by security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia, the virus even comes with a couple of images to showcase the new look of WhatsApp in the pink color scheme. Rajaharia shared the images along with a warning on Twitter last Saturday.

If you are not a technical person there are chances that you can mistakenly consider it to be true and download the application. By doing so it will have full access to your device and steal all your data. Just keep in mind, DOWNLOAD APPLICATIONS FROM PLAY STORE ONLY, avoid any APK links to download any sort of applications on Android devices. Android is a full proof of security issues if you only download applications from authentic places such as Google Play Store.

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