Netflix may launch a video game based on its popular Squid Game

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  • Oct 27,2024
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In early this year, Netflix has officially announced its idea to enter the gaming market, with titles or names based on its popular series. Now, it can be said that the famous series, Squid Game could enter as its gaming roster. 

In an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Minyoung Kim, the VP of the Online video streaming platform for the Asia Pacific content, talked about the possibility that the famous series can turn into a video game. As of right now the talks about the second of this successful South Korean series the squid game is in talks. It is also said that the senior officials of Netflix have ensured that they are looking into the possibility of turning the series into a video game. 

The news of the series "squid game" being turned into a video game appears as the show saw huge success and viewers all across the world. Minyoung Kim also said that they have been receiving lots of requests to turn the series into a video game. Further, the executives have also confirmed that the team is working to create a roadmap for future targets. 


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