Windows 11 Leak in Working State

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  • Jun 23,2024
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Microsoft is always trying to provide users with the best experience. Windows 10 is a good and powerful Operating System from Microsoft. But as we know, features are being added to refine the User Experience, so the case with Windows 10.

Windows 11 is a refined version of Windows 10, with clean UI and rounded corners.

Windows 11 is focused more on dual-screen devices and moved the start menu to the center just like in macOS, though you have the option to shift it back to the left edge as we have seen in Windows 10.

We have seen Windows 10X in the past which was taken back after a couple of days, but with Windows 11 we can clearly see that Microsoft has used most of its components in the upcoming mainstream Windows.

Without being making this lengthy let's check the major improvements in Windows 11 over Windows 10.

Features of Windows 11

  1. Start Menu Icon has been changed and looks more appealing to the eyes and is now cleaner.
    Windows 11 Start Menu
  2. Taskbar icons have been moved to the center by default.
    Windows 11
  3. UI has round corner touch here and there.
    Windows 11 Action Center
  4. A new snap feature that will help you to do multitasking more efficiently and hassle-free.
    Windows 11 Snap
  5. Addition of a new icon pack.
    Windows 11 File Explorer

Apart from this highlight, there is also a new Windows 11 soundtrack that has been posted by VOX Media onto their Twitter Account. Do have a look.

The Windows 11 is surely a great refinement over Windows 10, but we have to check whether this is the final build or still there are many features that will get added as we come near to June 24.

These are leaks seem to be intentional as Microsoft has tweeted "This is just a start Tune in for JUNE 24".

Windows 11 New Teaser

Leaks are just a sneak peek at the upcoming software. We have to wait for the event to take place for a clear idea of how Windows 11 will look like. Once we get our hands on the latest Windows 11, we will surely share our thoughts, so just stay tuned for that.

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