PUBG: New State game is buzzing all over. This new version of PUBG is packed with new game dynamic, futuristic maps and extraordinary weapons. But, still, there is no confirmation PUBG mobile will be unbanned in India. The game was banned in the country last year under Section 69A of the IT Act along with several other Chinese apps. Krafton could be looking at releasing the newly announced PUBG: New State mobile game in India but this is not in the pipeline yet as the current focus of the company is for the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. This is not the whole story, there might be chances we can see PUBG: New State in India, The code of the website has a folder that shows there will likely be a Hindi version of the game.

It is pretty much definite that the Hindi version of PUBG: New State is for India. The folder is inside he assets folder with the name "hi" - and an abbreviation for the Hindi Language. PUBG: New State is not accessible in Hindi and that is largely because of the conflict between PUBG Corporation and the Indian government. The government think PUBG is a highly violent and addictive game.

Well, if the leak turns out to be true and Krafton releases the PUBG: New State in India the company will definitely keep user privacy and security their utmost priority. Krafton will also need to ensure that data of Indian players are hosted in servers within the country. Let us know in the comment below what do you think about the PUBG: New State game.

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