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How to Create an Invoice in Easy Ways?

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  • Oct 10,2023
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An invoice can be easily created in a very short period using tools like google invoice maker, invoice generator, or online invoice creating sites.  

The main purpose businesses create invoices is to keep a record of a sales agreement between them and their client. An invoice is needed in every business, especially a small business or a startup as it helps them to get paid on time for the services they have provided to their client. In simple terms, an invoice is a way of verification in the written form of payment agreement between you and your client. 

Why Should You Start Creating Invoices for Your Business?

Invoices are a very handy way of written verification for business with their clients. Some points on why you should start creating invoice are as follows: 

  • Recording and Bookkeeping: 

Invoices are made for bookkeeping purposes, and they help you to record all your sales. It also helps you analyze your revenue of recent sales. If you are a business who keeps an inventory, creating invoices can help you to oversee how much stuff you have used from your inventory and after how much time you will have to restock

  • Protection in Legal Matters: 

Invoice helps you to protect your business in legal matters as well. It can help you against false lawsuit accusations because a standard invoice contains what services you provide to your client, how much payment they agreed on, and how and when you got paid for the services.  

  • Marketing Strategy: 

Invoices are also helpful when analyzing your marketing strategies, and it can show you what kind of services that you are providing is most loved by your clients and what are the peak times when your clients demand the most of your services. 

How to Create an Invoice in Easy Ways?

It is not an arduous task when it comes to creating invoices. There are plenty of options available if you want to start creating invoices. There are plenty of invoice makers, invoice generators, invoice making software, and invoice maker apps which provide a basic standard template that can easily make invoices for your clients. 

So here we are enlisting the options on how to create an invoice in easy ways: 

  • Creating an Invoice Using an Invoice Generator: 

One of the easiest and quickest way is to create an invoice using an invoice generator app. Many software and apps are available to make standard as well as a modern invoice in a snap. One of those best and free invoice maker app belongs to CA Apps. This app helps you immensely as not only an invoice creator but also take care of all your bills and payment transactions.  

This invoice maker android app is easy to use and also lets you share your invoice with the clients quickly. Install this invoice generator and log in by making a free account. And after that chose to create an invoice and select the customer from the customer directory. Choose your desired template from a long list of pre-made templates in this Invoice Creator and then fill out all the required information. Save your invoice, download it, and share it with your client. 

  • Creating an Invoice In Google Docs: 

Google docs work as an amazing invoice maker. Google docs offer an easy to use sharing option and also easily downloadable templates which can help you to create a basic invoice for clients. Using good docs as an invoice maker is not at all difficult. 

Log in to Google Drive account and open a new google document. From there choose the "FROM THE TEMPLATE" option and select your preferred available invoice template and fill out the required details such as your company's name, your phone number, email address, company's logo, etc. The invoice will be ready for downloading and shared with your client. 

  • Creating an Invoice in Microsoft Excel: 

Another great option when looking for an invoice maker is to create invoices in Microsoft excel. Excel provides a wide range of easy to use and downloadable templates for invoices. Using excel as an invoice creator is a very convenient way to create an invoice.  

Simply, open a new workbook and look for the invoice icon in the dialogue box which is usually placed on the left-hand side. Then choose an invoice template either a simple basic one for any specific needs and fill out the required information such as your company's name and logo, client contact details, customer id and payment terms, and the amount that needs to be received. The only step left to do is downloading the template, and it is ready to be shared. 


Creating an invoice is a crucial and necessary part of any business. There are a lot of options available, but the best ones are shared above, including an easy-to-use invoice maker and invoice generator. 

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