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  • Nov 25,2022
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Shortly after the announcement however, Rockstar suffered a huge leak related to GTA 6. This included pre-alpha development footage, with a possible glimpse at where the game is set. Despite the huge amount of information on GTA 6 found in the leaks, what the game actually ends up being remains to be seen. There's still a fair bit of mystery here, including a possible 2024 release date, and the question of who the protagonist (or protagonists) will be.

We won't be linking to any of the leaked footage directly, especially given how early it all is in development. What we will be offering is a constantly updated page where you can find all of the latest news and rumors on GTA 6. Read on to find out what we know about GTA 6 so far.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard a report of a playable female character in GTA 6. Prominent leaker Tom Henderson previously reported(opens in new tab) that the game will feature "multiple playable characters", including one female character who is set to be the "bright one", with a focus on technology and hacking.

A release sometime in 2024 looks like a pretty safe bet, then, but one leaker claims this could be wishful thinking. Creator of Rockstar Mag Chris Klippel (who has accurately leaked Rockstar Game news before) claims that while the developer has reached an important working milestone, he doesn't expect Grand Theft Auto to release before the end of 2024.


Rockstar Games hasn't confirmed GTA 6's story or characters yet but reports and rumors may point to what we can expect from Grand Theft Auto 6's storytelling. According to Bloomberg's report, GTA 6 will feature the series’ first female protagonist and center around a pair of characters styled after the American criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde. This is backed up by the leaked gameplay footage, which shows two different protagonists, both male and female.

Bloomberg's report details Rockstar’s efforts to change its workplace culture, and how the developer “has spent the last four years overhauling its culture and working to become a kinder, more progressive company.” As part of the changes, “Grand Theft Auto VI will have a female Latina protagonist – the first playable woman in modern Rockstar history.” Who the second leading character is and what the nature of their relationship will be isn’t clear. 

In Schreier’s report, he writes that “the woman, who is Latina, will be one of a pair of leading characters in a story influenced by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde". Developers at Rockstar are "being cautious not to ‘punch down’ by making jokes about marginalized groups," in contrast to previous entries in the series.

Either way, if there’s a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, you’ll know about it because the internet will explode – and we'll let you know too, of course. 

GTA 6 could be the last GTA game 

This is more informed speculation from Tom Henderson than anything concrete. But we've included a lot of his predictions and leaks in this guide, so felt it was only right to flag his latest theory recently published on Dualshockers: GTA 6 could be the last GTA title.

He acknowledges it would be a shame for such a huge franchise to end but suggests that, with GTA Online's huge popularity and a continuously evolving map, there might not be a reason for Rockstar Games to ever follow up GTA6. "Rockstar seems to be making GTA 6 the most epic future-proof video game in history, with constant updates that not only give the fans new content but keeps the world new and interesting by evolving," he writes.

It's worth noting that Henderson did caveat that he is "not known for GTA 6 leaks" and that viewers should take these rumors will a grain of salt, as his sources may be "less reliable" than those of his Call of Duty and Battlefield leaks. 

GTA 6 suffers huge gameplay leak

Grand Theft Auto 6 has just seen what's easily one of the biggest leaks in gaming history, rivalling Half-Life 2's pre-release leak in 2003. Roughly 90 videos were posted onto the official GTA Forums by a poster named teapotuberhacker, containing gameplay footage that's early in development. Since going live, Rockstar and Take-Two have since removed these through copyright strikes.

Updating their original post (now deleted), teapottuberhacker claimed he's looking to make a deal with Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive, issuing this statement:

“Ok, so this has gone unexpectedly viral, woke up to 3000 Telegram DM’s. If you are an employee of Rockstar or Take 2 and you’re trying to contact me, send me a message containing 22559219889638875756 on Telegram or you can email me at [email address redacted] ** from your corporate email address ** I will try to read all these replies soon – I am looking to negotiate a deal.”


GTA 6 is arguably the most anticipated game that's in development right now, unsurprising given that it's been nearly a decade since the last entry in the series. We've heard rumblings of a GTA 6 for years, and many had assumed that it was a guaranteed bet, with the series being as giant as it is these days. These hopes were confirmed earlier this year, with Rockstar finally revealing that it is indeed in development.


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