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Google Working On “Whitechapel” SoC To Power Future Pixels

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  • Apr 29,2023
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Tech giant Google is working on its own in house chipset named "Whitechapel" and soon will dump Qualcomm snapdragon chipset. Google is working on some initial prototypes and chipset is not yet ready to power the Google pixel device but pretty soon. Google will not be the first one to think in this direction. Apple and Samsung have been developing in-house chips for years.

Google's chip will include an “an 8-core ARM processor,” and will be optimized in accordance with high-end Google’s machine learning technology. Moreover, a part of the SoC will be dedicated to Google Assistant’s Always-On Display only. Google’s Always-On Display right now works when the phone is left idle on charging. The chip might help Google in implementing a full-fledged AOD optimized for the battery.

Google's Pixels Phone

An in-house chip would give Google full-control on battery, performance, and other factors that are directly affected by the SoC. The move might also help Google in decreasing the price of Pixel devices. With every new release, Qualcomm chipsets are becoming expensive and expensive. Which is forcing smartphone manufacture hike in price.

The only thing left to see is how Whitechapel would compete with Qualcomm chips, that Pixel has been relying on from the start. It goes without saying the chips will have to be 5G-integrated, even to stand in the competition.

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