Google Releases New ‘Disable 2G’ Feature

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  • Jan 17,2024
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Google has putatively rolled out a new point that allows druggies on new generation Android smartphones to disable any 2G network connectivity. The point is available in select Android bias, including the new generation Pixel phones and the rearmost Samsung smartphones as well, according to a report by sequestration watchdog, Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Google disables 2G, Apple holds back

The move has been largely eaten by the sequestration community. According to reports, the move has been an important-required bone as vulnerabilities of the 2G network are reportedly exploited regularly by scammers to impersonate network drivers and potentially steal sensitive data. At the heart of this is the use of weak encryption norms of 2G, a network generation that was first introduced to the world in 1991. According to reports, hackers can block the communication between a 2G palace and a device veritably fluently.

Likewise, the lack of cell palace authentication in 2G networks means that cell point impersonators can mimic a network driver to gain access to a stoner’s network dispatches, thereby interdicting dispatches and stealing potentially sensitive data. In return, druggies will probably get no service in areas where network knockouts do.

Despite all the progress, India still has pockets where 4G connectivity is far from ubiquitous. The ultimate, which is the rearmost generation of connectivity available in India, introduced new security norms that renovated numerous 2G peering security indiscretions. According to reports, 2G’s excrescences are regularly exploited for surveillance purposes, and Google’s new point will now help cover against the same.

Druggies can simply pierce their network settings on a new Android phone, and switch off the toggle in the ‘Allow 2G’ field. Still, Apple has not spoken about or offered such a point on its iOS software platform yet, and it remains to be seen if it may introduce such a point in unborn updates.

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