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YouTube: Find specific video moments more easily

YouTube spotted testing a new feature to see specific video moments as thumbnails for convenience and saving time by skipping to the desired part of the video, as of now  Premium members can try

Google Releases New ‘Disable 2G’ Feature

Google has putatively rolled out a new point that allows druggies on new generation Android smartphones to disable any 2G network connectivity. The point is available in select Android bias, including

Android Dual Sim Support Started

Back in 2019 with the launch of Android 10, Google added dual SIM support on its pixel photos. However, the company took two years to announce the multiple SIM cards support in Android Auto. After a c

Apple New Maps Coming Soon

Apple has rolled out the 3D city views in the Maps app. Users can now pinch and zoom out their way across the three-dimensional render of London. Apple has accessed this feature for San Francisco, Los

Continuous Scrolling Comes to Google Search !

Google Hunt is refreshing its UI with a new point, that will make scrolling easier than ahead on mobiles. The new point enables users to continuously scroll results while using Google Hunt. The sof