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Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

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  • May 16,2020
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By the arrival of Dark Mode in Android, people are waiting for dark mode in several apps. Many apps such as Instagram, Google Chrome, etc have already introduced dark mode, which can be toggled by system-wide dark mode.

People are more fascinated about Dark Mode in WhatsApp. Though they have received it on their phones, now we can also enable Drak Mode on the WhatsApp web. This is a kind of trick as there is no official release of dark mode as of now. WhatsApp has said they will release dark mode for web Whatsapp soon. These few simple tricks will let you enable dark mode on Whatsapp web for a short time.

Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

STEP 1: Open WhatsApp Web and log in using QR Code

WhatsApp Web

STEP 2: Right-click anywhere on the page and select "INSPECT ELEMENT". You can also use shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+I

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

STEP 3: Now findtag and  double click on class="web", and change it to "web dark".

WhatsApp Web Inspect Element

WhatsApp Web Dark CSS

STEP 4: Now click anywhere on the webpage, boom you will see how dark mode of WhatsApp web looks like.

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode


Note: Whenever you reload the page the dark mode will disappear, as this is a temporary solution for getting dark mode for Whatsapp web, all changes you have made will be gone once you leave the page. This is a way by which you can have an idea of how upcoming dark mode for web Whatsapp will look like. Share this with your friends so that they can also have a look at the dark mode.

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