Common WiFi Problems Which We All Face

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  • Jan 22,2024
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WiFi is the most common way by which people get connected to the Internet. As technology is advancing, people are moving towards wireless technology. Bluetooth, WiFi, Hotspots, NFC are some platforms that are becoming popular among people. As these provide hassle-free sharing of data. In this, we are listing some common WiFi problems that a person can face. This list will cover most of the problems that one can face, along with their fixes. Before proceeding, the most COMMON FIX IS RESTARTING THE DEVICE. This will get repeated in almost in each problem.

Common WiFi Problems and their Fix

1. Network Drops

All WiFi routers have a certain amount of user handling capabilities. What does it mean? Basically, with each router, it is mentioned that how many users it can handle at a time. This number is usually around 10. If you cross this number, your WiFi router is going to drop some of the user’s connection. This will clearly result in a loss of connection to the Internet. These type WiFi problems are common where too many people get connected to a single WiFi router, for example, Public Access Point.


If this is happening at your home, then you should monitor your connections. In case you have only 4-5 people in your house and are getting frequent disconnections then you should review your connections. These types of WiFi problems can even result in a breach of your privacy. You can apply MAC filtering for your WiFi router, and enhance your WiFi security.

Full Guide on Mac Filtering: Apply Mac Address Filtering

2. Network Crowding

As we mentioned we are moving towards wireless technology. All the equipment which we are using works on a common 2.4 GHz wireless frequency. In such a case, if you have a lot of wireless devices that communicates using this frequency can cause network crowding. This WiFi problem is common to many of us where we are connected to the Internet but still getting poor performance.


This problem can be reduced by using a Dual-Band router that will provide you 5 GHz WiFi frequency support. Or if you don’t have money then you can try switching the channels. This will help you to route your data efficiently. By this, you can get rid of these types of WiFi Problems.

3. Overheating of Router

Clearly, we all know Routers are just an electronic instrument. They need proper heat ventilation. This point can be considered as the root of most of the WiFi problems which are not listed in this list. Heating degrades the performance of an electronic instrument.


This can be fixed placing the router in a properly ventilated place. Moreover, if you place it at a proper place then you can increase the range, as well as the network performance for you, home internet.

4. Laggy performance overtime

You might have felt that your network is not working optimally. Even there are not any of the above cases. This problem can be due to the old firmware patches.


These types of WiFi issues or problems are due to old firmware. What you need to do is just upgrade your WiFi Router to the latest Firmware patch from your manufacturer. Updating the firmware will improve your performance as well as security.

Full Guide: How to Update WiFi Firmware

5. Frequently No Internet Connection

You may have faced this issue. Your PC or Mobile shows No Internet Connection but your ISP says the Internet is OK from their side. This happens due to the heavy workload on the load. You may have left a heavy download task to complete or you are using your router continuously for a long period of time.


These types of WiFi problems do not require a special type of fixes. Hence, you can just restart the router and it solves the problem 98% of the time. Rest 2% is for some major issues that can be solved by replacing the router. This 2% can be due to a hardware issue, which can’t be solved easily.

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