BMW 31 Inch Display For Smart cars and EVS

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  • Jan 04,2024
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BMW is going to launch a backseat theatre screen, which the automaker says will put new standards in the field of in-car entertainment. The theatre screen provides rear passengers with a good experience of entertainment which is just like watching a movie. This movie theatre experience is an aspect of the new personalized vehicle of BMW named "My Mode", it will offer features like ambient lighting with interior display art and z massaging seats for the driver to make the drive more soothing and relaxing.

There will be a 31-inch of panorama display in 32:9 along with a smart TV function that provides resolution up to 8K. To integrate its Fire TV experience, the company has collaborated with Amazon. This will offer the passengers a variety of multimedia content. It includes Amazon Fire TV built-in, which allows you to watch any video, music and can even download programs while driving.

This new Theater Screen can be easily controlled by a touch operation. For theatre-like sound, they have used audiophile-grade Bowers and Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System. All the videos and streaming content will be provided via a reliable and fast 5G data connection.


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