Best Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

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  • Sep 23,2024
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Keyboard shortcuts are just heaven for keyboard users. If you are a keyboard user you can feel the relaxment. Keyboard shortcuts make things easier, and you can get your work done fast and convenient. What if you can take the power of the keyboard and use it on social media, this surely is fascinating to you. Today will be listing some twitter keyboard shortcuts or Twitter shortcuts that you can use to have a smooth social media experience.

Best Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

You have to note that, these twitter shortcuts are meant for only desktop users, these twitter shortcuts don't be working on Android devices or iOS devices. The best part of these Twitter shortcuts is that most of them are single characters so you can easily memorize them and get used to them.

To be genuine these keyboard shortcuts will be helpful for those who use a lot of Social Media Services especially Twitter. Now let's check the best Twitter keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut Key Function
? Opens a pop-up containing keyboard shortcuts.
n Opens up a dialog box to post a new tweet.
r Replies to the tweet that is selected.
t Retweets the reply that is selected.
m Sends a direct message to a user.
/ Takes you to the search box
. Moves you back to the top of the page and updates your feed.
g + h Takes you to your Twitter home page.
g + r Takes you to your Mentions (NOT Messages)
g + m Takes you to your Direct Messages.

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