Best Gaming PC under 60000 INR

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  • Feb 15,2022
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Recently, in past, we have seen many Esports events take place and award heavy prize pools. In consideration of this many new esports players and streamers are emerging. You might be following some of their live streams. To take a note, Streams or Gamers from India are RakaZone Gaming, Xyaa, CarryisLive, etc. People being influenced by them are now wanting to get started with their Streaming and Gaming Career. To start, they need a good PC to get their games running with higher FPS and can handle Streaming at the same time.

This guide will let you have a good specification PC meant for gaming and streaming. This will let you get started with a streaming career easily. Note this guide will omit Monitors and peripherals that will cost 12K INR more.

Best Gaming PC Under 60K: Components

1. Procesor: For the processor, we are picking up Intel i5 10400F which will be sufficient for handling all the Games and streaming. Right now you can buy it from Amazon for a price point of INR 14099. This CPU comes with a 12MB cache and can go as high as 4.30 GHz. Buy Now.

2. Graphics card: This is the most important part of this build, GPU is the heart of any Gaming/Streaming PC. We will suggest you the best GPU as per the budget but if you can invest more then you should invest here. For GPU we would suggest going with PNY GeForce Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB. You can get this GPU from Amazon for INR 25999. This GPU comes with 6GB GDDR5 has twin fans for cooling. This will surely get all the games running in high to ultra settings. Buy Now.

3. Motherboard: For motherboard go with MSI H410M PRO-VH mATX Motherboard. This motherboard will get all of your work done smoothly. You can buy one from Amazon for a price of INR 6149. Buy Now

4. RAM Sticks: For RAM sticks 16GB would be more than enough right now. You should go with 2X8GB DDR4 Sticks. Go with HyperX Fury 8GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL16. This is a single rank stick, but going with dual-channel slots will improve performance. Buy Now

5. Storage options: For storage options, having one SSD is necessary and one HDD is recommended. SSD of size 240GB is enough and 1TB HDD is good to go with. Buy SSD and Buy HDD from Amazon.

6. Power Supply: Powering the above items is the most important part. For PSU go with Ant Esports VS500L, which is a 500W PSU, this would be enough to power the inner components. You can get it from Amazon at a price of INR 1851. Buy Now.

7. Cabinet: Now wrapping up all the components in a good-looking PC cabinet is a must, after all, you don't want clutter on your table. So for Cabinet, you can go with CHIPTRONEX MX2 RGB Mid Tower. You can buy it from Amazon for a price of INR 2779. Buy Now.

Adding up the cost of all components the total comes out as INR 64844

Some FAQ's Related to this built

Q1. Should I go with SATA SSD or NVME M.2?

You should go with NVME M.2 if your budget allows you to do so. As there is a huge bump in performance from SATA SSD to NVME M.2 SSD. You can have brief knowledge here.

Q2. Are there any Expansion options left?

There are expansion options available in storage, in this built only 2 SATA slots are occupied, remaining two are free which can be used to upgrade storage at later stages. The rest of the components can be upgraded with higher versions except CPU.

Q3. How much will I have to spend to buy a monitor and peripherals?

To buy monitors and peripherals, this will cost you more INR 12K. You can go with Samsung FHD IPS 24 Inches LED monitor available on Amazon. Buy Now.

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