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Best Earphones Under 500 in India

All the earphones on our list sound incredibly good for the price and most of them come with decent build quality as well. The earphones ranked in this article are ergonomic and comfortable. These headphones are also amazing in the terms of sound quality. The bass makes these headphones the best headphones under 500. Whether you want to buy earphones to listen to music, play games, or for any reason. You just need ₹500 and I will help you buy the best earphones under 500.  In this article, I and my editor team feature the best earphones under 500 Rs. So choose the right one and save your time and money.

1. kluzie J.B.L wired/wireless Headset  

Beat stereo sound noise Reduction Features Enjoy a fulfilling audio experience with this over-the-head, compact headset equipped with plush earpads for comfort. With an over-the-ear design, this headset lets you chat all day comfortably with cushioned, noise-cancellation ear pads. This headset has dynamic 40mm drivers so you can listen to your playlist with clear fully detailed sound with deep bass. This headset is compatible with smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and mobile phones with Bluetooth support including Android & iOS Smartphones. This headset comes with a 3.5 mm jack. 

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2. Boult Audio BassBuds Loop Wired Headset   

With the Boult Audio ProBass Loupe Wired Headset with Mic, let your favorite music help you blissfully sail through stressful days. This personal audio device features high-fidelity HD Sound, an Adjustable Cable Fastener, and a stunning Metallic Design for an immersive and convenient musical experience.

This headset features a Kevlar-reinforced cable, a high-quality built-in subwoofer, and stunning metallic drivers to deliver high-fidelity audio. Also, its micro-woofers offer a crystal clear HD sound. Furthermore, the flexible cable fastener ensures a perfect grip.

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3. Redmi by Mi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Headset  

The high-fidelity audio accessory delivers certified “Hi-Res Audio”. This accessory features a high-frequency extension range of up to 40,000 Hz. As a result, you can enjoy high-quality natural audio with accuracy.

With this Redmi Hi-resolution Wired audio accessory, you can enjoy aural entertainment for hours without hassles or inconvenience. This certified High-Res audio accessory features an Aluminum Alloy Sound Chamber for clear sound with deep bass, an in-built HD Microphone to attend to calls, and an Ergonomic Design for your comfort.

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4. realme Buds Classic RMA2001 Wired Earphones

The realme Buds Classic brings with it the most comfortable wired earphone experience. With the half-in-ear design and ergonomic shape of the earpiece, you won't feel discomfort in the slightest. A large 14.2mm audio driver ensures a rich bass and a crystal clear music listening experience. The in-line HD microphone allows for clear call quality and the control button allows you to control calls and music seamlessly.

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5. PTron HBE6 Wired Headset  

Earphones(PTron) looking very good sound clarity was good. The quality of the product is good. Its earphones seem to have a metal body and having MIC but no volume control buttons who wants.   

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6. Honor AM115 Wired Headset  

The importance of a headset needs no explanation. If you want an upgraded listening experience, then this Honor headset can fit your requirements. It comes with ergonomically designed earbuds, so you can wear the headset without facing any discomfort. It also lets you enjoy the bass, mid-range vocals, and high-ends of your favorite songs in full clarity. What’s more, it is also equipped with a 3-button Control that lets you adjust music and calls conveniently. 

This headset comes with more than one vent hole. As a result, you can listen to music clearly and in high quality. It also lets you get an enhanced call experience. This headset's design incorporates the benefits of, both, an in-ear type headset and a traditional headset to ensure maximum comfort. The earbuds are designed ergonomically. As a result, they can fit comfortably in your ears.

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7. JBL C50HI Wired Headset  

Never miss a beat with the JBL C50HI Wired Headset with Mic. With these earphones you can enjoy each and every beat in crisp and vivid clarity, giving you a captivating aural experience. Enjoy listening to songs that are rich in bass as these earphones are designed to deliver an immersive audio experience.

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8. MOTOROLA Pace 130 Wired Headset  


Pace 130 fits your smart needs with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant integration. With a single click, the drum rolls your way, into a world of possibilities. We keep your mind, your music, and your cables sorted! The tangle-free wires let you experience the rich rhythms of your music, hassle-free. Enjoy the ease of changing tracks, and switching to calls with the in-line mic and call button.

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9. boAt Bassheads 103 Black Wired Headset  

If you want to listen to your favorite music albums and playlists in good sound, then this headset by boAt will be an ideal choice for you. It offers thumping bass, so the songs in your music library will sound rich

and power-packed. Its weight is not heavy, and hence you can always keep it with you while traveling. What's more, the cable's optimal length makes it easy to use.

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10. Redmi by Mi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Headset  

With this Redmi Hi-resolution Wired audio accessory, you can enjoy aural entertainment for hours without hassles or inconvenience. This certified High-Res audio accessory features an Aluminum  Alloy Sound Chamber for clear sound with deep bass, an in-built HD Microphone to attend to calls, and an Ergonomic Design for your comfort.

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11. boAt BassHeads 182 Wired Headset   

These boAt earphones are here to ensure that you get to groove to the beat of your favorite songs, all day long. With integrated controls and a mic, you can answer calls with just a tap (and even end calls

with a tap). These earphones offer deep and heavy bass that will feel in your core. This way, you can enjoy gaming and listen to music. These earphones feature a sleek design that provides a comfortable fit. This way, you can listen to your favorite tunes for a long time.

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12. INFINITY by Harman Zip 100 Wired Headset  

Switch up your daily commute from cumbersome to cool. Designed keeping the most avid music lovers in mind, the Zip 100 offers a deep bass sound that brings out the best of your playlist. Equipped with Advanced. Dynamic 9mm Driver, you are treated to a genuinely delightful musical experience. The 1.2m rugged tangle-free flat cable makes fighting with tangled cables a thing of the past. Just plug the earphones into your phone and let the music take over. Not just tangle-free, go hands-free as well. With a single button remote,  you can pick calls, connect to voice assistants, skip, play and pause your playlist.  

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