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Apple’s Generative AI Features Coming

Apple is continuing to invest in emerging technology like AI and is putting "a tremendous amount of time and effort" into its AI plans, Cook said during Apple's quarterly earnings call on Thursday.

Apple has had its Neural Engine, a type of computer processor that can support machine learning (ML) and AI applications, since 2017 as part of Apple's A11 Bionic chip. In 2020, it introduced its own Apple M1 silicon chip that also uses the Neural Engine.

Generative AI and Technological Innovation


  - Recent years have seen a significant focus on generative AI in technological innovation.
  - Applications span natural language generation, content creation, and image synthesis.

Apple's Strategic Move

  - Apple's entry into the generative AI domain signifies a strategic move.
  - Aims to harness AI's power for novel applications, potentially enhancing user experiences.

Secrecy and Innovation

  - Specifics of Apple's generative AI endeavors are closely guarded.
  - Apple's innovative track record suggests significant impacts on the tech landscape.

iOS 18 and Advanced Generative AI

Anticipation for iOS 18

  - Experts predict Apple will showcase advanced generative AI features with iOS 18.
  - Typically, Apple announces new software at its annual WWDC developer’s conference in June.

Confirmation from Apple

  - CEO Tim Cook confirmed Apple's development of generative AI tools back in August 2023.
  - First time a launch date has been hinted at, albeit roughly.

Apple's Generative AI Investment

Financial Commitment

  - Apple investing millions of dollars daily into artificial intelligence, according to The Information.
  - Affirms Apple's dedication to advancing AI technologies.

Apple also uses AI for different features like "fall detection" on the Apple Watch, and ML for predictive typing on Apple devices, Face ID, its Camera app, and other features. Siri, Apple's voice assistant launched back in 2011, was also built using ML.

Ajax GPT and Training Parameters:

  - Apple's most advanced Large Language Model (Ajax GPT) trained on over 200 billion parameters.
  - Indicates the scale and complexity of Apple's generative AI efforts.

Industry Trend

  - Despite generative AI being a recent buzzword, Apple's substantial investment sets it apart.
  - Other major companies like Microsoft have also poured significant funds into AI research.

Popularity and Market Trends

Rise of Generative AI

  - Generative AI has become a prominent topic in the tech industry.
  - ChatGPT's popularity two years ago marked a turning point, leading to widespread adoption.

Industry Response

  - Every major company, irrespective of size, has released products leveraging generative AI.
  - Google, Adobe, Nvidia, Qualcomm, among others, have embraced AI as a foundational element.

Apple's Machine Learning Research Team

Investment in MLX Framework

  - Apple's machine learning research team quietly released MLX framework last year.
  - Designed to build foundation models for generative AI apps, potentially for MacBooks.
  - Indicates a strategic push to expand the reach of generative AI across Apple's product lineup.


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