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Apple A16 Bionic is the new chipset from the Cupertina

At its ‘Far Out’ hardware launch event, Apple unveiled its latest generation of iPhones today. The company announced the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro

Breification 14: Google’s AI creates its own inhuman encryption that reads emotion

The strategies advanced over time and in the end Bob and Alice had been in a position to talk in reality the usage of the shared key. Eve, on the different hand, had some good fortune decrypting the s

Japan scientists research show to brain simulation 'read' dreams and run as picture

Here's how the study worked. Subjects were first asked to hook themselves up to an electroencephalography (EEG) machine, then to fall asleep within an fMRI machine. Scientists used the EEG readings t

Week Rewind 14: Last Week in a Quick Snap

Week Rewind 14, you will get all the quick rewinds of last week, including hot topics and new innovation. Last week From 21st December  2020 to  27th December 2020, was a good week in terms

Google Verified Calls will give tough competition to Truecaller in India!

Verified calls will show a blue shield icon that features a checkmark, business name, logo, and number. The call reason field will include messages like confirm transaction activity, food delivery, an

Sony first ever launches a new smart camera sensor: Image Sensor on Top of AI Chip

Sony and Microsoft have joined together to develop an interesting new hybrid technology The idea is fairly simple in concept. As per these tech giants. Now, the company has made a single image process