Apple will launch new iPad Pro model with MiniLED display later this month

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  • Apr 29,2023
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Apple was expected to launch its upgraded iPad models earlier this year. As per earlier reports, Apple aimed to unveil the new iPad models as early as April. Now, regardless of the shortage of display components, the company is facing, the launch seems imminent. 

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is bringing MiniLED display to the upcoming iPad Pro 2021 model. Although reports claim that the foreign suppliers of the high-end display components are facing a shortage of MiniLED displays.  Even so, Apple is expected to go ahead with the launch which is scheduled for the latter half of April.

The MiniLED display technology will be exclusive to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as a result of which, it will offer an improved contrast ratio and a higher peak brightness level. Apart from this, it will also feature an upgraded A14X SoC, Thunderbolt support and 5G support. 

Due to the supply shortages of the MiniLED display components, Apple might delay the shipping of higher-end iPad models. The company might also make the 12.9-inch iPad Pro available in limited quantities initially, as per sources. 


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